News from Ultrasounds past….El Privates recorded “Dungeons & Dragons is Gay” with Quincy Gazoo.
R.I.P. Rich Cronin…..This week I lost a great friend and songwriting partner Rich Cronin to Leukemia. Rich was the founder of LFO and penned 3 top ten songs! Rich also formed the Rich Cronin Hope Foundation to raise awareness of this insidious disease. Over the last few years I was fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time writing and recording with Rich. We put out a record called “Billion Dollar Sound” and we had another 15 or 20 songs we never released. I thought we had all the time in the world to finish them. I know that wherever Rich is right now, he’s got a killer melody in his head and the spirit of music in his heart…..
“Sinners Prayer” was cut from “The Expendables”, but has been released as the first single off Sully Erna’s new solo CD “Avalon”.
El Privates recorded the song “Hobo With A Shotgun”.
Jordan Knight – (NKOTB) Recorded new material for a new solo project.
Rich Cronin/Joe Clapp – Check out the new song “The Phone” composed and performed by Rich Cronin and Joe Clapp. There are also samples from the “Billion Dollar Sound” Cd available here.
Sully Erna – (Godsmack) Recorded a great new song “Sinners Prayer” for upcoming solo cd. The song will also be featured in the new Stallone movie “The Expendables”.
Sports Jobs with Junior Seau – Live audio and music production for the VS. network.
El Privates – Check out “A Christmas Warning” on the new “Its A Red Peters Christmas”CD! Not for the faint of heart!
Dave Reffet – “Shredding The Envelope” debut album features amazing songs written, composed and performed by Dave and features guest performances by performances by George Lynch (Dokken,Lynch Mob), Michael Angelo Batio, Chris Poland (Megadeth,OHM), Glen Drover (Megadeth,King Diamond,Eidolon), Joe Stump (Holy Hell), Mike Mangini plays drums (SteveVai,Extreme,Annihilator). The record is set for release in early 2010.
Joe Clapp’s song “Chemical Bond” was used in a Tweeter Etc. commercial.
MIKE V – Recorded 3 great new instrumental songs. In addition to Mikes virtouoso guitar playing, the cd also features Mike Mangini on drums and Baron Browne (vital info, billy cobham, kenny g, kevin eubanks) on bass.
BroadBand MoJo – Carl Coletti/Tim Coletti/Joe Clapp have released a collection of odd instrumental songs for your enjoyment. Check It Out Here! Carl has played with many great bands including The Neighborhoods, Jason Newsted, Ottmar Libert & Luna Negra, Ultrablue, Thumbtack Smoothie, The Buddy System…………etc.
Greg Lato – Recorded material for his new Cd “Monday Morning Breakdown”.
El Privates completed their new cd with songs featured on Howard Stern’s “Red Peters” show and features performances by American “Super-Producer” Quincy Gazoo.
Singer/Songwriter Les Sampou recorded 3 of her new songs.
Cemetery Superfly’s new song “Medicine Man ” will be featured in a major movie “Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent” featuring the rapper/actor DMX, due out this summer!
Kevin Hubbard recorded a new cd of classical guitar music. Kevin’s amazing guitar tone benefited from the large live room and selection of world class gear at Solstice.
AJ Edwards tracked vocals for his new cd.
Check out the newest songs for Rich Cronins new CD.
Producer Wiskey Tango’s new song is being used by Nelly on his new cd!
Engineered by Joe Clapp and Carl Nappa.
The NEWEST Loose Cannons song! was played on
The Howard Stern Show!
Also the Song “UGLY GIRL” from the Loose Cannons is getting heavy my space activity.
This hilarious song was produced by Mark Bouvier and the Loose Cannons.
Check out the Loose Cannons my space for a taste test.
Look for a new Cannons album in 2008.
We presented 3 New songs from producers Malik Williams, Joe Clapp, Rich Cronin and Lou Bello to Clive Davis for an American Idol runner-up.
The new Loose Cannons song “She Put A Jihad On Me” is getting heavy radio airplay on theKidd Chris show who first played it.
“Jihad” features music written and performed by producer Joe Clapp
and vocals from Toothpik a.k.a. Doug Ray (Supersize Me/Bad Ronald) and Rich Cronin (LFO).
Rich Cronin from “LFO” is recording new material for his new CD
with producers Mark Bouvier & Joe Clapp
All the songs were written& recorded at
Orange Freeze Recording in Kingston Mass.
The song “Hazel Eyes” has already has received major label interest!
Steph Peeka & The SeeKing 7
The New Seeking 7 CD “Inside The Big Picture” is now available.
Check out SeeKing7
LIVE with Steph Peeka, Jeff Armstrong,
Sean MacLaughlin and Joe Clapp
Check out the new cd from “Cape Cod Covers” on Sedgewick Records. The CD includes
songs from Heeby Westwood and Earthbound Misfits and features some great bands and artists from the Cape Cod area. There’s even a song from Carly Simon!
Sales to benefit the Angel Flight N.E. charity.
Go to for more info on this great project.
Scarecrow Hill has released their second CD of the year!
Recorded at Solstice Studio. Mixed and Mastered at Orange Freeze. Scarecrow Hill also
just began recording the next CD of their trilogy.
Welcome to the Weatones
The Weaton College Acapella Group “The Weatones” finished their new cd.
Jon Frattasio’s new cd “Captured”
is now available that includes some great original songs as well as local and national musicians including:
Bob and Paul Doolittle, Scott Bryan and others.
Get Pro Results From Your Pro Tools Rig !
Freelance engineer Joe Clapp is Now offering private Pro Tools lessons.
And is available for sessions in your studio.
Matt Chase Trio
Matt Chase Trio finished their latest Cd
including all new original music recorded, mixed and mastered at Solstice.
Cemetery Superfly has a new cd.
Our new PROTOOLS HD ACCEL 3 system sounds great.
Also just in “MORE AMAZING GEAR” including new and
vintage tube eq’s,Compressors, mics and more.
We’ve also added a Protools mix plus system to our B room.
Heeby Westwood
Has a new self titled CD.
The Leads began recording new songs for a new cd.
The Woodland Creatures
Have finished a new cd.
Sleepy Labeaf
Joe Clapp recorded and mixed Rounder Records artist Sleepy Labeef @
Saucer Sound in Norton Ma. Sleepy recorded a Johnny Cash classic
Frankie Loves Johnny.
Earthbound Misfits
New Cd “Undercover Hero” is now available!
Todd Fraud
Released his debut cd “You Don’t Even Know”
on Rude M Records and is
getting national airplay!
Nathan Landers
Recorded his new song “Unity”
for an upcoming WBET tv show. Nathan also shot portions of his upcoming
video release produced by WGBH.
Editing and Mastering!
Put The Finishing Touches On Your Mix
Bring us your Protools files.
Lightning fast editing can tighten up those basic tracks!
Ultrasound Also Offers 24 Bit Mastering and Digital Editing@ Solstice Studios!
B&W Speakers/Mcintosh power amp. An incredibly accurate mastering room.
Marianne Pasts
German singer/songwriters new cd “Moments” is getting national radio play!

The cd was recorded at Solstice in 2006. Mariannne also has a blues cd and a meditation cd distributed around the world.
Thanks to every one who came out to see
Maura Young & Joe Clapp @ the Music Circus
as opening act for Pat Benatar.

Special Thanks to all these bands and musicians who have recorded at Ultrasound...

Rich Cronin
Rob Benton
Todd Fraud
Jerome Kyles
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost
Nate Landers
Life In Seconds
Steve Baker/Violet Fane
Bannana Hands
Jim Palana
Violet Fane
Back Of Tha Neck
Stacy Godnick
Dig Trio
Rob Guidotti
Didn’t Planet
Paul Hultman
All You’ll See
Breeding Ground
Hindered Spirit
Plan 17
5 Pump Chump
Steve Vaughan
Social Victim
Hostile Witness
Tom Toleman
Eric Loe
Bryan Noble/FirstDay
Chemically Imbalanced
Steve Costa
Zack Triphone
Steve McDonald
Michelle Dineen
Dave Foley
Hitlers Wheelchair
Force Of Habit
Day 13
Category Five
Red White & Blues Band
The Dave Hines Band
John Frattasio
Teahouse Of The Almighty
Breeding Ground
Army Of Frogs
Jamie Conway
Drop Method
Sean Beaton
Mark Duval
Fat Bastard
Days Ahead
Static Engine
Titan Groove
Gary O’Shea
Keith O’Meara
A Better Tomorrow
With One Intent
Jeff Seaberg “House Boy”
All These Years
Keith James/Potentials Unlimited



Joe Clapp offers singers/songwriters “Pro Production”

“As a producer and recording musician, I have years of experience helping people create and perform their music. In the studio I have experience playing guitar, bass and a few other stringed instruments. I also sing and program beats/loops and keys so I understand what its like to perform in the studio. My experience allows me to record and edit intuitivly, using the studio like an additional writing partner. I find this relaxed atmosphere and down to earth approach inspires creativity”.

-Joe Clapp


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