Thomas MacDonagh:
Poet and Patriot

I’m proud to have been a part of this project with Martin Butler and getting to work with John Owens and so many talented artists. Oh and it was a pretty amazing history lesson. ¬†Check out this article about the making of this incredible project.

The life of Thomas MacDonagh Irish Poet and Patriot brought to life with music, songs , quotes and poetry by over 50 artists comprising of Irish musicians , actors , playwrights and authors , a unique album.

Martin Butler – The same artist who brought together 23 musicians to create the Rud Eile album 10 years ago, A critically acclaimed album which did not receive the type of public support it deserved, as it was an independent project and without the support of a record company or large distributior , it’s become a hidden gem of Irish music, if you don’t have it ; it is as radio personality John Fitzgeralds words “a must have in any Irish music collection ”

Martin teamed up with renowned musician , composer , singer and songwriter John Owens to bring to life the story of remarkable Irishman in song poetry and music.

Martin and Johm have compiled a team of who’s who of Irish music and culture featuring two Grammy nominees , a Grammy winner six all Ireland winners and award-winning playwrights writers and actors.
This is truly a remarkable undertaking, after two years of of work and research this album which is been recorded in three countries features 24 tracks and 54 artists in total has been completed.