Pedal Steel Recording

Services for Bands, Singer/Songwriters and Solo Artists.

  • Unlimited midi tracks with a huge library of sounds and samples
  • Drum and Keyboard Programming
  • Arrangement and Production
  • Pro Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering
  • Musicians For Accompaniment

 In House Producer Joe Clapp

Audient ASP 8024 HE, Joe Clapp


  • Suzanne McNeil (Guitar, BU Vox, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Bass, Theremin)
  • Brass Hearse (Guitar, Drum Programming)
  • Nadine Miller (Guitar, Pedal Steel, Piano)
  • Martin Butler (Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar)
  • Tyler Monroe (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Wolfmen Of Mars (Drum Programming, Guitars, Bass, Tres, Mandolin)
  • Brian Stratton (Pedal Steel, Guitar, Cigar Box Guitar, Drum Programming)
  • Broad Band MoJo (Guitar, Theremin, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Banjo, Citara Mini Harpa, Tres)
  • Jon Nelson (Guitar, Mandolin)
  • Colette O’Connor (Mandolin, Bass, Bu Vox)
  • Scarecrow Hill (Cigar Box Guitar)
  • Marianne Pasts (Guitars, Bass, Mandolin)
  • El Privates (Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Production)
  • Black Dragon Orchestra (Orchestral Arrangements And Performance)
  • Jeff Neely (Guitar, Drum Programming, Bass, BU Vox)
  • Cemetery Superfly (Keyboards, Bu Vox)
  • Heeby Westwood (Guitar, Cigar Box Guitar, Lap Steel)
  • Maura Young (Guitars, Bass, BU Vox)
  • BJ Martin (Guitar, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel)
  • Jon Tassi (Guitar)
  • Todd Fraud (Lead Guitar, Vocals, Drums)
  • Violet Fane (Guitar, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel)
  • Jeremy Merserve (Fretless Bass)
  • Jeff Seaberg (Guitar, Bass, Drums)
  • LL3 (Loops and Drum Programming)
  • Keith James “Potentials Unlimited” Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming)
  • Gary O’Shea (Jeff Armstrong, Drums, JC: Arrangement, Drum Programming, Bass, Guitar)
  • Steve Vaughan (Drum Programming, Bass, Lead Guitar)
  • Michelle Dineen (Drums and keyboards, arrangement, lead and bu vocals)
  • Rick Berg (Leslye Pederson: Lead Vox. JC: Drum Programming, Guitar, Lead and Bu Vox)
  • Ray Toole (Jake Hill: Keyboards, Jim Weston: Drums, Steve Cole: Bass)
  • Kristen Spath (Orchestral Percussion)
  • Minus Brian (Bass Guitar, Drum Programming)
  • Mark Duval (Lead Guitar, Bu Vox, Arrangement)
  • Tom Orth (Acoustic, Electric, Slide Guitar)
  • Jon Ethier (Drums, Percussion, Guitar)

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